Incontinence Activewear for Exercise and Sports

With Incontinence Activewear Leaks Won't Keep You on the Bench

Incontinence activewear is a category of incontinence underwear that’s designed to allow active people who have urinary incontinence to exercise with confidence and in more comfort, while still having protection from urinary leaks. The extra comfort comes from the fact that products in this category are typically made from high-performance cloth fabrics instead of cotton, or the papery, plastic-like material that traditional disposable incontinence underwear is made from. This makes incontinence activewear way more comfortable than disposables and much better for exercise in several ways.

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Exercise with More Secure Protection and Comfort in Incontinence Activewear

Incontinence activewear has these key advantages over disposables:

  • Less bulky, easier movement. The performance fabrics used in incontinence activewear are similar to those used in regular sports and active wear, like athletic compression shorts. That means they have just enough stretch to fit closely yet comfortably, and they don’t hang, bunch or get in the way while you exercise or play.

  • Built in leak protection. A pair of incontinence activewear is typically made from several different types of performance materials, one of which is fabricated to be absorbent. This absorbent component is built right into the underwear to catch leaks, so there’s no need for separate inserts or pads. There’s also a waterproofing fabric to keep fluids from getting out of the underwear, and then the shell fabric makes up the ‘body’ of the underwear. All of this ‘technology’ is neatly tailored into a pair of exercise underwear that no one in the locker room is likely to notice as anything other than regular athletic wear.

  • More comfortable. These fabrics also make incontinence activewear more comfortable because they are lighter weight and softer on the skin. Also, since they fit more closely this can reduce the possibility of chafing.

  • For men - more athletic support. Incontinence activewear products typically give men better athletic support than disposables, or cotton products. Just the fact that they give a closer more responsive fit is an improvement. But some products go further and are actually designed with a pouch that has just the right amount of stretch, so gives comfortable and appropriate support for exercise.

  • For women - more convenient, secure leak protection. Active women often use disposable incontinence pads in regular sports underwear (or even just everyday underwear) as leak protection during exercise. Since women are used to wearing pads, this is a completely natural and logical choice. However, pads don’t always stay where they should, especially when subjected to the motion, and sweat, that comes with exercise. They can shift. Curl at edges or ball up which shrinks their protective coverage. Or even curl up enough to expose the adhesive back, which then grabs at sensitive hairs. Whereas, the built-in protection afforded by incontinence activewear eliminates all of this and provides more convenient, secure leak protection for women during exercise and sports.

Incontinence Activewear Absorbency Levels

Incontinence activewear is suitable for light and moderate urinary leaks, or for people who have exercise induced incontinence (i.e. stress incontinence caused by pressure on the bladder). So, this category of products will not meet the needs of people who need protection from frequent leaks or heavy leaks that occur without warning. That’s because the technologies required for cloth fabrics to handle higher volumes of urine are not quite there yet.

Even so, the products in this category represent a huge advancement in the incontinence active and sportswear product options now available. They give active people who need incontinence protection during exercise a way to keep to their workout and activity routines, and live the active life they enjoy.

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